6th grade

6th Grade English

As your child prepares to enter Middle School, making sure that he or she is properly prepared in Language Arts is vital for the next stage of their academic career. At Genius Academy, our 6th grade English classes focus on building and strengthening a solid foundation in the Language Arts to help your child’s transition to middle school and beyond.

Advanced English Writing & Grammar 6th Grade

Most classrooms have only a little time to spend working on grammar which is a building block of written and spoken language. Our program encourages children to learn all the basics of grammar and build on any writing mechanics they have already absorbed.

In writing, our curriculum is split into several units based on the types of writing that we will cover. Students will learn how to write personal narratives, descriptive writing, how-to articles, persuasive writing, expository writing, as well as creative writing. We always find fun projects with real-life situations to incorporate every writing style and encourage students to be more effective writers. We help our students see how writing can be usable, practical, and quite enjoyable when they know how to do it well!

6th Grade English

Our reading comprehension curriculum focuses on teaching children to read both fiction and non-fiction passages and then answer comprehension questions. We provide students the tools to tackle the new common core aligned standards, decode passages, find the main idea, and comprehend the underlying meaning.


The vocabulary portion teaches students not only new words, but new meanings to words with which they already are familiar. There is an element in each lesson that allows the student to see the words in action and to use them in answering comprehension questions as well.

Accelerated Math Program: Leaping a Year Ahead- 6th Grade

The goal of our 6th grade math program is to not only reinforce concepts students are currently learning at their school but to also give them a head start on next year’s curriculum. Each math lesson is designed to be flexible so students of any math level can be encouraged or challenged. Students learn to take good notes, solve relevant real-world word problems, and complete common-core aligned test problems.

Elective Program

Public Speaking

Did you know the number one fear among adults is public speaking? We can help your child conquer that fear! The ability to competently speak in front of others is an important trait needed in the classroom, in the workplace, and in social arenas. Your student will learn to be more comfortable in front of an audience, speak with expression and clarity, and prepare for a performance.

Journalism Club (Six Weeks)

At Genius Academy, our Journalism Club is a perfect blend of educational learning and fun! Our team of Editors-in-Chief guides students as they write about topics of interest, illustrate their articles, and help design the final newsletter. It is then published for parents and peers to read— a proud accomplishment for all of the club members!

Genius Study Hall

With our teacher guided Study Hall, middle school students will have the opportunity to make friends, develop responsibility and practice organizational and study skills all at the same time!
Study Hall is Monday through Thursday from 3:30 – 6:30 and students will be allowed to drop in and out at any time. As a member of our Study Hall, students will be able to receive:

  • Homework help
  • Assistance with preparing for tests in any subject
  • Study Skills practice
  • Organizational skill training
  • Time management practice

In addition, because we believe in the importance of knowing how to apply knowledge learned in school to real-life situations, teachers will also provide:

  • Innovative projects that require interdisciplinary work
  • Some curriculum involving skills in Math, Language Arts, Science, Engineering, Design, and Art in order to create solutions for real life problems
  • Field Trips to broaden life experiences
  • Knowledge and access to specialized events such as fundraisers, conferences, and community service opportunities

Each student will receive a Study Hall portfolio that outlines progress in schoolwork as well as projects, activities, and events attended through our Study Hall program.

1 to 1 counseling

As students reach middle school, they often encounter hardships that are never remedied because they don’t know how to fix them! Individual counseling is a perfect time to get to know each child; it allows us to advise and help your children discover their strengths to conquer their weaknesses. Whether it’s an academic, attitude/behavior, or organizational problems, our counselors will help keep track of each child’s progress, teaching the skills to help them succeed both inside and outside of school.

Study Skills

Success in school and even in life requires good study habits and organizational skills. In high school and especially college, students will be expected to be able to balance their academics and activities. This class will focus on providing students with different approaches to organizing all the information they will learn in school as well as develop effective time management strategies.


Help your children learn the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century! Come to our office at 1606 S. DeAnza Blvd. San Jose, CA 95129 and sign up your classes at Genius Academy from K grade to 8th Grade.




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